How To Help Your Dog Live Longer
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Front Loading for Best Results:  Have you heard of Front Loading?


When using Purely Pawsome Hip & Joint HA in cases where your dog is already suffering, we recommend doubling the initial dose for the first 30 days. This speeds the fastest results to your dog. You’ll starting seeing the effect much more quickly.


Be sure to use Purely Pawsome USA for at least 60 days to determine the results. Rest assured, your happiness is guaranteed. If your dog isn’t more comfortable and acting like their old self, please contact us for a refund.

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When you call, you’ll probably talk to Sandra. (She has two pit mixes herself – BamBam and Domo.) She can answer any product questions you have and help you with the ordering process. She is happy to take your order over the phone – in case you want to talk to a real person instead of a computer.

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3. Your dog will soon be back to their playful self, doing those fun things you used to do together… long walks and playing fetch.

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Take your first step towards helping your dog jump like a puppy once again!

Dr. Harlan Kilstein
Purely Pawsome USA
Publisher of the Dogington Post

Remember, YOU RISK-NOTHING when you order Purely Pawsome Hip & Joint HA for your dog with our 100% No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee. You will feel and see the difference Purely Pawsome USA makes to your dog in the first 60 days or just send us the remaining supplement and we’ll rush you a refund for every penny you’ve paid – no questions asked. So take the next step to seeing your dog jump like a puppy again by ordering Purely Pawsome USA here. You’ll be very glad you did.


Plus, Purely Pawsome USA Formula contains ALL-NATURAL ingredients.


To avoid use of synthetic dyes, even the shell is made from natural ingredients!


Even better, it’s CHEWABLE so it’s EASY for your dog to eat. You’ll never have to try to hide the pill in peanut butter or a piece of meat, your baby will look forward to Purely Pawsome.

When was the last time you were compelled to write a letter like these to a supplement company?

Look what our satisfied customers are saying…

4SHE’S PLAYING FETCH AGAIN: “My Golden absolutely enjoys playing fetch, but one day, she just stopped being interested in doing any kind of fun activities. I knew there was something going on with her, and soon enough, I found out she’s having joint problems. After doing my research, Purely Pawsome came highly recommended. Sally’s been taking it for only a month and I am very happy with the improvement I’ve seen so far! I never thought my dog would be able to jump high in the air again. But she’s done it quite a few times – and I’m sure she’ll continue to do so! I’m very happy to see her looking so happy and active again, that it makes me so very grateful!”

– Sandra Walker, Tulsa, Oklahoma


RUNNING AROUND LIKE A PUPPY: “As Lola is 13 years old, I don’t expect her to run around like a puppy. But when she doesn’t budge when it’s time for food, that’s a problem, right? We tried your product and she seems to have gotten her energy back. Thanks for your product!!!”

– Haley Scott, Orlando, Florida


VET AMAZED BY HEALING: “Pleasantly surprised at how fast and how well your tablets work! My Cocker is very playful once again, so much so that I’m having a hard time keeping up with her pace! I’d just want to let you know that I’m grateful for making safe and vet-approved products!”

– Betty Wright, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

havanese_dogENERGY TO PLAY ALL DAY: “I would like to thank you for making quality products. Bentley, our Havanese, no longer feels paralyzed by his pain. He walks tall and proud and has the energy to play all day. He’s only been on it for two months. For me, that speaks a lot about how effective the product is.”

– Gerald Anderson, Riverside, California


HAPPILY PLAYING WITH OUR LITTLE BOY: “We adopted Max when he was 1 year old. He’s been living with me and my partner for 7 years already, so we consider him much like our first baby! When our first son James was born, Max was really protective of him. He would carefully play with him and we’d always see Max look after James. Everything changed when Max started getting knee problems. He would no longer get up and cuddle with James. He would just sleep in his bed and wallow in his pain. He wouldn’t even bother walking around the kitchen when he could smell that I was baking. When we discovered he had osteoarthritis, my heart literally broke. I’m glad my husband had learned about your product before his knee problems got worse. He’s been playing with James again and he’s just back to his playful self again. I could not be more grateful for what your product has done to our Max!!!”

– Lisa Turner, Greensboro, North Carolina


RUNNING AROUND THE YARD AGAIN: “You could not imagine the happiness I felt when I saw Gatsby run around the yard again! The product is a miracle. It’s definitely the only medication he’s taken that has worked like a charm. Even the one that came highly recommended from the vet isn’t as effective as this. Now, it’s as if he hasn’t been having problems with his joints at all to begin with. The product really does what it claims to do and there are no side effects too. I’m glad we had discovered this product. Otherwise, Gatsby would just suffer until he dies. I highly recommend it for everyone who’s looking for an effective treatment for canine joint problems. It’s worth every dollar.”

– Barbara Moore, Birmingham, Alabama

German Shepherd laying on the green grass

QUALITY OF LIFE IMMEASURABLY IMPROVED: “Thanks to this amazing product, Simba is back to his normal self again. He’s enjoying being out in the garden again like he used to, rolling in the grass and running around like crazy! Before that, he just seemed so weak and helpless that it seemed like a chore for him to walk around. I’m just glad that my friend told me about the product! It’s definitely like manna from heaven!”

– Kimberly Evans, Reno, Nevada

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 12.55.47 PM

BACK ON TRACK: “My dog started getting joint problems when he was around 8 years old. He seemed very weak and helpless, that the only way to help him was to resort to euthanasia. When our vet recommended switching to Purely Pawsome, I hesitated at first. But it’s a good thing that he was very persistent. I never thought Storm would be able to walk and jump around again. He’s even climbing stairs now.”

– Shaun Cahill, Rochester, New York

Our Mission – We Support Dog Rescue

We have chosen 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida as our rescue to support. A percent of every sale will be sent to them to support their valuable work. They have rescued thousands of abandoned dogs left behind in the Everglades and surrounding communities. Our hearts go out to these dogs whose heartless owners abandon them to the alligators and pythons of the Everglades. Your purchase of Purely Pawsome Hip & Joint HA helps rescue these dogs and finds them their forever homes.

We are so grateful to our customers for helping rescue these abandoned dogs.


You will feel & see the difference Purely Pawsome USA makes to your dog in the first 60 days – or it’s FREE!

Click here to order Purely Pawsome USA or call us NOW on 800-500-DOGS and let your dog use it as long as you like.

You must both see and feel significant, dramatic improvements in your dogs’ health. Otherwise, just return the unused portion and we will promptly refund 100% of what you paid. That’s right, this has to work – or it costs you not one penny.

To order, click the button under your dog’s weight:



Have more than one dog?  We’ll help you determine how long your Super Saver Bottle will last. Call us!

Disclaimer: The relationship between your dog and your dog’s vet is very special. Nothing should replace that relationship. Always consult with your dogs vet before supplementing your dog’s health. At Purely Pawsome, your dog’s health is our first concern. We are not your dog’s vet and do not know your dog’s individual issues.

We wish you and your dog many happy years together.