Do you know if your fur baby is suffering?

Learn these little-known signs of pain in dogs and what you can do to relieve their pain. Read on:

Your Dog Could Be in Serious Pain…

Without You Even Knowing It!


READ THIS NOW to Discover the 8 Signs Your Dog is Silently Suffering, Why the Meds Your Vet Prescribes Don’t Help (And Could Even Make Things Worse), And the Simple Steps YOU Can Take to Restore Your Dog’s Health—Without Prescription Medications or Surgery!


Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

Do you have the gut feeling that something is “off” with your dog? Have you noticed strange behavior that you can’t explain? Has your fur baby lost their appetite? Are they listless, with no energy to run and play like they used to? If any of these sounds like your dog, then reading this bulletin could not only help relieve them and restore their energy – more dramatically, it could save their life.

Of course if your dog is limping, it’s a pretty clear sign that they are having joint pain. But there are other, lesser-known symptoms that you may be missing that indicate that your dog is suffering from pain and needs your help. After all, they can’t speak and tell you what they need, or where it hurts. But they do have other ways to show you, and they just hope that you understand, that you’re paying attention.

 So ask yourself right now if your pet is showing any of these 8 signs that they are hurting…

1. Posture Changes

Is your dog standing differently? Are they putting their legs down and their butt up in the air? Is your dog lying down more often, or having trouble getting comfortable when they do? These are all signs that something is just not right. Even a droopy or tucked tail can indicate that something is bothering your dog that needs attention immediately. Your dog can’t do anything about it, but you can.

2. Lot of Grooming or Licking

While grooming and licking is normal dog behavior, if you see your dog doing it obsessively, concentrating in one or a few spots, those may be his pain “hot spots”. Licking the same spot constantly is what your dog does to try to clean out the wound, and make the pain go away, even if there is no open wound there.

3. Shyness or Aggression

When you’re in pain, do you feel like going out? Do you find yourself snapping at people? Your dog is the same. Either aggression or antisocial behavior, if it happens all of a sudden, is your dog’s way of telling you it hurts. Dogs that hide to avoid attention, stop running to greet you at the door, stop wanting to be petted and picked up, are most likely in some kind of pain. Aggressive behavior, snapping, biting, or growling might just be your dog’s cry for help. Which brings us to…

4. Vocalization

A dog’s best form of communication is by whining or crying. When it happens for no apparent reason, it can be a sign that your dog is in pain. If you can’t determine why your dog is whining, they might just be hurting and trying to communicate that to you. It’s up to us to know our dogs and interpret their behavior. You know your dog best, and you know if you feel something is wrong. Trust your instincts.

5. Refusal to Jump or Climb Stairs

There’s no better indication that your dog has stiffness or joint pain then a refusal to climb stairs or to jump up on the couch, especially if they had no problem doing it when they were younger. They still want to jump up on the couch and cuddle next to you, but they can’t. That’s because the joint pain causes the muscles and ligaments around the joint to contract, decreasing its range of motion. Usually these changes happen gradually, and you may not notice them at first unless you’re paying close attention.

6. Changes in Your Dog's Eyes

Dilated pupils are another sign of pain. If you notice your dog’s pupils unusually large, and there’s no explanation for it, he or she may be in pain.

7. Heavy Panting

While panting is perfectly normal dog behavior after a run or if the day is warm, very heavy panting without an apparent reason is a sign that a dog is experiencing pain. Your dog may also pant and tremble, or you may notice faster more shallow breathing. Is your dog panting at odd times? Pay close attention and look for other signs of pain.

8. Appetite Changes

Has your dog started refusing their food, picking or playing with it, or eating less? This is another one of the main signs of pain that you should respond to right away if it goes on for more than a few days.

…Now, any one of the above signs can mean

that your dog is suffering from pain.

Can you imagine? It’s the worst feeling…knowing that your fur baby is struggling, and all you want is to make it better. When they’re in pain, you’re in pain.

cripplingpainAnd you see that look in their eyes of love and trust that just begs you to “help, please.”

Of course, any good dog owner will look right back at them and say, “yes, anything.”

So, with all the best intentions, they go out and pick up a supplement that promises to relieve joint pain for dogs.

But little do they know that they are actually endangering their pet’s life. Yes, that’s right…

Right now the FDA is investigating more than 580 pet deaths and over 3,000 illnesses they believe have been caused by pet products sourced directly from China.

Is Your Dog at Higher Risk for Potentially CRIPPLING PAIN?

While joint pain and arthritis tends to affect most dogs as they get older, some breeds have a much higher risk. Evidence shows that the following breeds are indeed more vulnerable to joint pain, stiffness, and arthritis:

  • Great Danes
  • Mastiffs
  • Newfoundlands
  • Dachshunds
  • Labrador Retrievers
  • German Shepherds
  • Rottweilers

Increased size and weight puts more pressure on the joints, so larger breeds tend to be at greater risk.


But any dog can suffer joint pain. Don’t let them. Make sure you treat them with the best natural supplements MADE and SOURCED in the USA.




Millions of People are Putting their Dogs at Risk with Supplements Originating from China Because They’ve Been CONNED into Believing They Were Safe

How can this be?

Here’s the scary but unfortunate truth:

It is perfectly legal to say a supplement was MADE IN THE USA even if every single one of the ingredients CAME FROM CHINA. In the industry, they refer to this as being sourced in China.

6signsyourdogmaybeinpainVirtually every single joint supplement on the market has ingredients sourced in China. That’s right, the well known “brand names” are included. They may say “MADE IN USA” but they are hiding the truth. They are putting your dog at risk.

Why would a pet supplement company shamelessly mislead you?

Because it’s much, much cheaper to fill your dog with poor quality potentially deadly ingredients from China than it is source them from 100% guaranteed, reputable sources here in the US where you know what you’re getting!

So, unless supplements you give to your dog are SOURCED and MADE in the USA you could be unwittingly poisoning your dog and risking their life.


Finding supplements that are not sourced or made in China is nearly impossible. Manufacturers routinely lie about this to dog parents all the time. We’ve spent hours and hours checking products verifying this.


And that’s why Purely Pawsome USA Hip & Joint HA is both SOURCED in the USA and MADE in the USA


Get Ready to Help Your Dog Live Every Day With The Health and Energy of A Puppy Safe in the Knowledge They’re Getting Supplements Proven to Work in Research

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to relieve your dog’s painful joints and stiffness for good?

We’re not talking about covering up the limping or suffering. Or finding a temporary solution lasting only a few days.

We’re talking about… attacking the problem…… so your dog will run and jump like a puppy again.

Whatever kind of joint pain your dog is suffering from…

  • Walking stiffly
  • Limping or favoring certain limbs
  • Stiffness or discomfort when getting up from a lying-down position
  • Stiff, swollen or sore joints
  • Hurts when touched in certain areas
  • Certain positions are uncomfortable
  • Loss of flexibility in their joints
  • Hesitant to jump, run or climb stairs

We’re sure lasting relief and increased mobility and happiness are what you’d really like to provide for your dog.

There’s now a breakthrough joint formula that tackles the problem at the root — the cellular level —

to give your dog the comfort and flexibility it needs.

Why Most Joint Pain Formulas Don’t Work…

We receive many emails and letters from people telling us how most joint formulas don’t provide long-lasting relief for their dogs. Or the side effects are just too high a price to pay.

Frankly, we’re not surprised so many formulas don’t work. When you look at what’s really needed to give your dogs’ joints support, it’s easy to understand why.

Most formulas attempt to deliver that “quick fix”. It’s true… when your dog is suffering, you want to help them and provide fast relief… and a “quick fix” is welcome relief for them.

But that “quick fix” usually does nothing to help correct the cause of their discomfort and stiffness. It focuses on the surface and not the underlying problem.

Joint Breakdown from Aging Can Be Halted…

and Even Reversed!

cartilageCartilage — that gel-like, shock-absorbing material covering the end of dogs’ bones — plays a crucial role in joint function.

It’s Your Dog’s Cartilage that Breaks Down as She Ages, Causing Stiffness, Discomfort and Suffering

As your dog ages, their joint cartilage begins to break down from wear and tear — especially from the way they sit, move, and use their joints.

First, you may notice subtle changes in your dog’s behavior…

  • Early morning stiffness
  • Sad expression and stiffness after resting or sitting
  • Daily worsening with use of joints
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of interest in exercise and play
  • No longer wants to jump on to a couch or bed


As cartilage breakdown continues, inflammation, severe issues including limitation of motion, and even deformity can result. The end result can be expensive surgery or laser treatments that might not even bring relief to the suffering.


You Can See How When Cartilage is Damaged a Joint Becomes Painful…

“ … She’s now able to jump up on and off the couch and is stealing our socks again.”

“When we ordered Purely Pawsome Hip & Joint HA, we didn’t think it would work. Our Mushy is now into her second bottle. After just 3 weeks on the first bottle, she stopped crying from pain. She’s now able to jump up on and off the couch and is stealing our socks again. Just yesterday, we went for our usual walk and she TRIED TO RUN! We’re recommending it to everyone with elderly pets.”

Joseph Michaels Jr.

Newport, Rhode Island


So what can you do?


Here Are Two Tested and Proven Joint Re-Builders…


Glucosamine is one of the main building blocks of cartilage and is naturally found in high concentrations in joint structures:

  • Enhances your dog’s ability to make collagen and proteoglycans — substances essential for rebuilding joints.
  • Helps your dog’s body make synovial fluid, which lubricates joints.
  • Protects your dog’s cartilage from the destructive actions of NSAIDs.

Its ability to build joint cartilage has been proven in clinical veterinary trials to improve arthritis. The purest and most stable form, glucosamine HCL, is readily absorbed by your dog’s body and contains no added sodium or potassium salts.

And when combined with Chondroitin Sulfate, glucosamine HCL’s cartilage-building abilities improve even further…

Chondroitin Sulfate

Chondroitin Sulfate plays a major role in the production of cartilage:

  • Helps create cartilage tissue by attaching to collagen and elastin.
  • Maintains healthy joint cartilage by attracting and retaining water.
  • Protects cartilage against destructive enzymes.
  • Facilitates the passage of essential nutrients for cartilage repair.

Cartilage — that gel-like, shock-absorbing material covering the end of your bones — plays a crucial role in joint function.


“ … I never thought my dog would be able to jump high in the air again. But she’s done it quite a few times…”

“Sally’s been taking Purely Pawsome Hip & Joint HA for only a month and I am very happy with the improvement I’ve seen so far! I never thought my dog would be able to jump high in the air again. But she’s done it quite a few times – and I’m sure she’ll continue to do so! I’m very happy to see her looking so happy and active again, that it makes me so very grateful!”

Sandra Walker

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Here is Scientific PROOF that Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate Help Dogs with Arthritis!

I know this is going to sound a little ‘complicated’ but it is CRITICAL. You see, there is SCIENTIFIC PROOF that glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate help dogs with arthritis.

In 2006 a landmark randomised double-blind, positive-controlled trial to assess the efficacy of glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate for the treatment of dogs with osteoarthritis was carried out.

Results were published in the The Veterinary Journal 174: 54–61 (2007).

This was the first report demonstrating that the clinical signs of osteoarthritis in dogs improved significantly after 70 days of treatment with oral glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate.


Here is the front-page extract from the report:

The study shows without doubt that dogs treated with Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate showed statistically significant improvements for discomfort, weight bearing and severity of condition by day 70. BUT there’s more!

Over the last 20 years and having spent thousands on research we know that while Glucosamine and Chondroitin are essential in helping alleviate your dog’s stiffness and discomfort; there are more ‘magic’ ingredients too!

So we created a nutritional supplement — Purely Pawsome USA Hip & Joint HA — that contains not just Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin, but even more to help you tackle your dog’s joint problem at its source.

Introducing the Ultimate Joint Stiffness and Swelling Reducing Formula:

100% Sourced and Made in USA


Takes Healing and Relief to a New Level


Purely Pawsome USA Hip & Joint HA Formula may be the single most effective joint stiffness & discomfort solution for dogs known to science – formulated by leading scientists to give you four huge advantages over other supplements that contain just Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate:





The ‘MIRACLE MOLECULE” that Ends Joint Misery and Stiffness. Maybe you’ve tried Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate supplements for your dog before.

How is Purely Pawsome USA different? In one word, methylsulfonylmethane — or MSM for short. Sometimes called the “miracle molecule”, MSM contains that one element critical to the functioning of every cell — sulfur. When your dog’s cells are low in sulfur, it’s body can’t repair damaged tissue fast enough. In fact, research shows that joint problems tend to be associated with low levels of sulphur. And unfortunately, many dogs are sorely deficient in sulfur.

It’s difficult to make sure your dog gets enough sulfur from its food as cooking and processing quickly destroy sulfur. The only way to ensure high enough levels of sulfur for healthy joint function is to give your dog supplemental MSM.

Cartilage — that gel-like, shock-absorbing material covering the end of your bones — plays a crucial role in joint function.

What does MSM do in your dogs’ body?

  • Supports the cartilage cushioning joints.
  • Supplies the sulfur needed to build new healthy cells.
  • Promotes normal physical funtioning by helping to fight inflammation.
  • Helps detoxify your dogs’ body at cellular levels.
  • Helps soothe muscle and joint pain.
  • May disrupt nerve impulses resulting in greater comfort.
  • Helps to reduce muscle spasms.
  • Promotes healthy blood supply, supplying nutrients to cartilage and removing toxic wastes.
  • Strengthens joint connective tissue.


MSM’s therepeutic effects are so powerful; some dogs may feel real benefits in as little as two days, especially when combined with Vitamin C.





WIND BACK THE CLOCK as your dogs cartilage can re-build! Vitamin C plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy joint function. Studies show that Vitamin C protects and enhances cartilage formation. Our AscorbicAcid (Vitamin C from Ester-C®) is a patented, innovative form of Vitamin C four times stronger than ordinary Vitamin C.

In addition, this non-acidic form does not cause acidity problems normally associated with ascorbic acid and therefore does not upset your dog’s stomach.

End Joint Discomfort and Stiffness – Watch Your Dog Enjoy Jumping Like a Puppy Again!





PUT AN END TO YOUR DOG’S MORNING STIFFNESS with increased mobility. Cetyl Myristoleate Complex is an exclusive blend of pure cetyl myristoleate and other long chain esterified fatty acids, which are proven to help to maintain joint mobility.

It’s such a shame to see and know your dog doesn’t have the mobility they enjoyed when they were young. Imagine what it will be like to see them full of youth and vitality again: jumping, running, playing.


Give your dog the freedom of movement with this ‘Liquid Ball Bearing,’ Natural ANTI-INFLAMATORY ingredient. YES! We’ve also added Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to Purely Pawsome USA – Why…?

As your pet ages, their body produces less and less HA and it becomes more and more difficult to replenish it and the cartilage and other structures of the joint begin to need support. Purely Pawsome USA helps improve joint movement and cushioning.

Hyaluronic Acid acts as a lubricant for joints – kind of like liquid ball bearings!

If we compare the joints of your pet’s body to an automobile engine, the joint fluid in their body mimics the oil in a car engine. At regular intervals we replace the oil in our car engines because the heat and friction breakdown the oils viscosity. The oil becomes thinner and less able to protect the metal surfaces from excessive wear.

Taking Purely Pawsome USA Hip & Joint HA helps maintain the normal viscosity of your dog’s joint fluid. That means your dog’s joints remain lubricated, cushioned and stiffness; discomfort and suffering can be a memory.




The ONLY hypoallergenic joint formula.


THAT’S RIGHT! Purely Pawsome USA is the only hypoallergenic joint formula.

Dogs show allergies in three primary areas:

The first and most noticeable is in skin problems. In fact, after fleas it is the number one problem vets are called to treat. Dogs can develop rashes and uncomfortable itching.

The second and often the most difficult to identify are allergies that come from environmental sources. It could be something a neighbor uses to make their lawn greener. It might be the fabric softener you use. Tracking these down can be problematic.

The third common source of allergies are ingredients in your dog’s foods. Unfortunately not all ingredients are additives are always listed. This is one of the reasons people seek out hypoallergenic formulas.

Purely Pawsome USA Hip & Joint HA is a hypoallergenic formula. This means it is highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction in your dog. No other joint formula can make that claim.

“ … We’ve already seen the improvement just after a few months of use…”

“We had adopted Molly when she was around two months old. When she turned three, we noticed she had been limping. After a trip to the vet, she was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia. Purely Pawsome Formula worked wonders for Molly. We’ve already seen the improvement just after a few months of use. No reason not to continue using it. Molly’s the one on the left!!”

Donald Nelson

Montgomery, Alabama

section-20-rightThere are four reasons you can trust your dogs’ wellbeing with Purely Pawsome USA…


Purely Pawsome USA is obviously a supplement you can trust and give to your dog without fear or concern.



Here are the FOUR reasons why:


1. Purely Pawsome USA is the only joint remedy recommended by The DogingtonPost, the single most respected and trusted source of news.

Our mission is simple; quality research plus quality ingredients plus quality manufacturing yields improved quality of life for your fur kids.

2. The Best Quality Science. We believe it is impossible to develop and produce the best nutritional supplements in the world without first starting with the best raw materials. That’s why we spend 90% of our time researching and developing the highest quality supplements to help your fur babies.

3. Sourced and Made in the USA. We are dedicated to using only the highest quality ingredients right from the USA.

We wouldn’t risk our baby’s health on poor quality, potentially fatal ingredients from China and we won’t subject you to that either!

We think it’s absolutely disgusting that some supplement companies are deliberately conning consumers in an effort to cut costs. When you buy from us, you buy the best; from the U.S.A.

4. FDA Licensed Facilities! All our products are manufactured in a certified Rx and OTC FDA drug-licensed facility in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


Plus, Purely Pawsome USA Formula contains ALL-NATURAL ingredients.


To avoid use of synthetic dyes, even the shell is made from natural ingredients!


Even better, it’s CHEWABLE so it’s EASY for your dog to eat. You’ll never have to try to hide the pill in peanut butter or a piece of meat, your baby will look forward to Purely Pawsome.



VET AMAZED BY FAST RECOVERY: “When we adopted Bailey, we discovered she has osteoarthritis. Apparently, her condition worsened when she got into a car accident. She is no stranger to pain, as she was very frail and thin when they rescued her. We brought her to a vet for a physical examination and we were told that surgery is the only way that can help her. This option did not appeal to us, especially because we don’t want her to undergo more pain than she already had experienced. We tried some anti-inflammatory drugs, but she was always never in the mood to eat, so that also dampened her spirits. The only thing that has seemed to work with Bailey is your product. After two months, she is now able to walk around the house without pain, and she just feels more positive in general. The vet is also amazed at how fast she has recovered. She’s back to playing with her “step-kitty”, PrettyPaws; they follow each other around the house. This wouldn’t have happened without your product. Thank you very much.”

– Linda Rodriguez, Laredo, Texas


DUBIOUS AT FIRST, BUT NOW A BELIEVER: “It was disheartening when I learned that all three of my Bichon puppies have luxating patellas. I felt so helpless just looking at them when their rear legs kept locking up when they start moving around. One specialist told me that surgery was the only option; but at that time, I knew I couldn’t afford paying for three puppies at the same time. I looked for other alternatives online and thankfully found your product. To be honest, I was a little bit dubious about the product claims and the testimonials. But I had nothing to lose, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt if they could try using it for a month. In less than three weeks, I saw that the rear leg lockups didn’t happen too often. They were still occurring from time to time, but the frequency has definitely decreased. I feel bad for having been so doubtful about your product, when it has really been wonderful so far. I will definitely continue using it until I stop seeing the rear leg lockups for good!”

– Sabrina Perez, Chandler, Arizona


HIP DYSPLASIA PAIN CONTROL: “Our Lab Adill always had hip dysplasia, but his pain seemed to have worsened when he gained additional weight. As femoral head ostectomy doesn’t seem to be an option for our family, our doctor recommended different kinds of supplements to control his pain. Nothing seemed to have work. Seeing our Adil in pain was very frustrating for us as it was for him. I asked around and did my research online and found your formula by sheer luck. The improvement is unbelievable. We’ve seen Adil regain his mobility back and his recovery seems to be on track. I’m amazed at this product and my only regret is that I wish I could have discovered it sooner!”

– Valerie Figueroa, Columbus, Ohio

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 12.55.47 PM

BACK ON TRACK: “My dog started getting joint problems when he was around 8 years old. He seemed very weak and helpless, that the only way to help him was to resort to euthanasia. When our vet recommended switching to Purely Pawsome, I hesitated at first. But it’s a good thing that he was very persistent. I never thought Storm would be able to walk and jump around again. He’s even climbing stairs now.”

– Shaun Cahill, Rochester, New York


MIRACLE PRODUCT: When arthritis had hit Rocket, he would always just sit on a corner, and didn’t bother moving. After taking Purely Pawsome for about a month, his fear of walking seemed to have gone away. He’s walking around and even, running quite a bit. It’s a miracle, if you ask me.

– Andy Hooper, Huntington, New York

norman_tibetan03.jpg_w450QUICK RECOVERY WITH EFFECTIVE RESULTS: “To be honest, I was very doubtful about Purely Pawsome at first, because it just seemed impossible for dogs to regain their movement back after just a month of using Purely Pawsome, when they’ve been suffering from joint problems for too long. But, I am glad I gave it a shot, because it’s been a lifesaver for my Johnny. Sure, he can no longer jump high up in the air like he used to, but he can walk and stay outside for hours. That’s such a huge improvement; considering he stopped moving altogether when he started getting joint problems. Thanks for your product. I’ll continue using it for Johnny until he regains most of his strength back. It’s worth every dollar. Thank you so much!”

– Nancy Owen, Arlington, Virginia

The_Dog_High_JumpLIKE BRAND NEW: “I just want to thank you for making Purely Pawsome. My German Shepherd is now actively running and playing again just like he used to. I thought it’d be impossible after his accident, but I saw the change and I’m sure other older dogs could benefit from these tablets as well. Definitely a great product, thank you!”

– Tracy Carse, Raleigh, North Carolina


LIKE BRAND NEW: “I just want to thank you for making Purely Pawsome. My German Shepherd is now actively running and playing again just like he used to. I thought it’d be impossible after his accident, but I saw the change and I’m sure other older dogs could benefit from these tablets as well. Definitely a great product, thank you!”

– Tracy Carse, Raleigh, North Carolina

Miniature_Australian_Shepherd_blue_merleRETURNING TO PLAYFUL PUPPY HABITS: “There are no words to explain how thankful I am for this product. Just after six days of use, Madison’s pain just seemed to have been just a thing of the past. She’s acting more frisky and spry than usual and I’m just glad she’s responding well to your product.”

– Dorothy Green, Fresno, California


EXCITED ABOUT MORNING WALKS: “His back leg was hurting him so much that he didn’t bother even getting up for a while. Now he waits for me at the bottom of the stairs, ready for a walk every morning. Wow, never thought a product could make so much difference that fast. Thanks so much!”

– Mary Baker, Santa Ana, California

havanese_dogENERGY TO PLAY ALL DAY: “I would like to thank you for making quality products. Bentley, our Havanese, no longer feels paralyzed by his pain. He walks tall and proud and has the energy to play all day. He’s only been on it for two months. For me, that speaks a lot about how effective the product is.”

– Gerald Anderson, Riverside, California


VET AMAZED BY HEALING: “Pleasantly surprised at how fast and how well your tablets work! My Cocker is very playful once again, so much so that I’m having a hard time keeping up with her pace! I’d just want to let you know that I’m grateful for making safe and vet-approved products!”

– Betty Wright, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


RUNNING AROUND LIKE A PUPPY: “As Lola is 13 years old, I don’t expect her to run around like a puppy. But when she doesn’t budge when it’s time for food, that’s a problem, right? We tried your product and she seems to have gotten her energy back. Thanks for your product!!!”

– Haley Scott, Orlando, Florida

Avoid Insane Vet Treatment Costs…

For as Little as 32¢ a Day!

Your Dog Could be Jumping Like a Puppy Again!


Full of life, happy, energetic and all the while safe in the knowledge that the supplements you’re using are sourced and made in the USA to the highest standards.


  • No more early morning stiffness
  • No more sad looks and stiffness after resting or sitting
  • No more limping worsening with use of their joints
  • No more weight gain due to inactivity
  • No more loss of interest in exercise and play

A single bottle of Purely Pawsome Hip & Joint HA can last for as long as 10 months, and costs less than a pack of gum a day.

Don’t you owe it to your dog to try it?


You surely do – because you RISK-NOTHING.




You will feel and see the difference Purely Pawsome USA makes to your dog in the first 60 days – or it’s FREE!


When a product works as well as Purely Pawsome Hip & Joint HA… and when your files are overflowing with “Thank You” letters to prove it, you’re more than happy to offer the strongest guarantee possible.

Front Loading for Best Results:

Have you heard of Front Loading?


When using Purely Pawsome Hip & Joint HA in cases where your dog is already suffering, we recommend doubling the initial dose for the first 30 days. This speeds the fastest results to your dog. You’ll starting seeing the effect much more quickly.


Be sure to use Purely Pawsome USA for at least 60 days to determine the results. Rest assured, your happiness is guaranteed. If your dog isn’t more comfortable and acting like their old self, please contact us for a refund.

Two Reasons You Can Trust Your Dogs Life With Purely Pawsome USA Supplements:

Sourced & Made in USA!

We wouldn’t risk our pets health on poor quality, risky ingredients from China and we won’t subject you to that either. When you buy from us, you buy the best; from the U.S.A.



FDA Licensed Facilities!

All our products are manufactured in a certified Rx and OTC FDA drug-licensed facility in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


That’s precisely what we do. Here it is …

Order Purely Pawsome Hip & Joint HA and then let your dog use it as long as you like.

You must both see and feel positive, significant, dramatic improvements in your dog’s joint health. Otherwise, just return the unused portion and we will promptly refund 100% of what you paid. That’s right, this has to work – or it costs you not one penny.

Purely Pawsome USA could solve suffering & stiffness for hundreds of thousands of dogs this year – including yours!


In our short time together today, you’ve learned 7 signs that your dog is in pain, and the proven ingredients that research shows to improve your dog’s joint health.

And you’ve heard how our supplements are sourced and made in the USA to the highest quality and FDA approval. Plus, you’ve heard from many dog owners and their stories of healing. And you’ve heard the science behind the healing power of Purely Pawsome USA.

Now it’s time for you to decide.
The simple fact is that for as little as just 32 cents per day Purely Pawsome USA may just be the best joint stiffness and pain relief bargain you’ll see in your lifetime.Please remember – you have absolutely nothing to lose by accepting this offer. Purely Pawsome USA is sourced and made in the USA in FDA Licensed Facilities.I urge you: Say YES this remarkable offer! Click here to put an end to your dog’s suffering.

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When you call, you’ll probably talk to Sandra. (She has two pit mixes herself – BamBam and Domo.) She can answer any product questions you have and help you with the ordering process. She is happy to take your order over the phone – in case you want to talk to a real person instead of a computer.

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Take your first step towards helping your dog jump like a puppy once again!

Dr. Harlan Kilstein
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You will feel & see the difference Purely Pawsome USA makes to your dog in the first 60 days – or it’s FREE!

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Look what our satisfied customers are saying…

4SHE’S PLAYING FETCH AGAIN: “My Golden absolutely enjoys playing fetch, but one day, she just stopped being interested in doing any kind of fun activities. I knew there was something going on with her, and soon enough, I found out she’s having joint problems. After doing my research, Purely Pawsome came highly recommended. Sally’s been taking it for only a month and I am very happy with the improvement I’ve seen so far! I never thought my dog would be able to jump high in the air again. But she’s done it quite a few times – and I’m sure she’ll continue to do so! I’m very happy to see her looking so happy and active again, that it makes me so very grateful!”

– Sandra Walker, Tulsa, Oklahoma

German Shepherd laying on the green grass

QUALITY OF LIFE IMMEASURABLY IMPROVED: “Thanks to this amazing product, Simba is back to his normal self again. He’s enjoying being out in the garden again like he used to, rolling in the grass and running around like crazy! Before that, he just seemed so weak and helpless that it seemed like a chore for him to walk around. I’m just glad that my friend told me about the product! It’s definitely like manna from heaven!”

– Kimberly Evans, Reno, Nevada


RUNNING AROUND THE YARD AGAIN: “You could not imagine the happiness I felt when I saw Gatsby run around the yard again! The product is a miracle. It’s definitely the only medication he’s taken that has worked like a charm. Even the one that came highly recommended from the vet isn’t as effective as this. Now, it’s as if he hasn’t been having problems with his joints at all to begin with. The product really does what it claims to do and there are no side effects too. I’m glad we had discovered this product. Otherwise, Gatsby would just suffer until he dies. I highly recommend it for everyone who’s looking for an effective treatment for canine joint problems. It’s worth every dollar.”

– Barbara Moore, Birmingham, Alabama


HAPPILY PLAYING WITH OUR LITTLE BOY: “We adopted Max when he was 1 year old. He’s been living with me and my partner for 7 years already, so we consider him much like our first baby! When our first son James was born, Max was really protective of him. He would carefully play with him and we’d always see Max look after James. Everything changed when Max started getting knee problems. He would no longer get up and cuddle with James. He would just sleep in his bed and wallow in his pain. He wouldn’t even bother walking around the kitchen when he could smell that I was baking. When we discovered he had osteoarthritis, my heart literally broke. I’m glad my husband had learned about your product before his knee problems got worse. He’s been playing with James again and he’s just back to his playful self again. I could not be more grateful for what your product has done to our Max!!!”

– Lisa Turner, Greensboro, North Carolina

Our Mission – We Support Dog Rescue

We have chosen 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida as our rescue to support. A percent of every sale will be sent to them to support their valuable work. They have rescued thousands of abandoned dogs left behind in the Everglades and surrounding communities. Our hearts go out to these dogs whose heartless owners abandon them to the alligators and pythons of the Everglades. Your purchase of Purely Pawsome Hip & Joint HA helps rescue these dogs and finds them their forever homes.

We are so grateful to our customers for helping rescue these abandoned dogs.