How To Tell If Your Dog is In Pain

dog in painJust like humans, dogs feel pain when they have infections, dental problems, arthritis or any kind of disease. And because they can’t talk, it is part of your responsibility as a pet owner to know the signs that indicate when your dog is suffering. Here are some of the most common behaviors your dog may exhibit when he or she is in pain:

  • Licking

While licking is a usual thing for dogs to do, it is often a pretty good indication of pain. If your dog is licking a part of its body excessively, check whether it has open wounds, broken toe nails or sore paw pads.

  • Panting

Many dogs who are feeling pain will pant excessively, and start to tremble. Pay close attention to when your dog is panting. If it happens at the middle of the night or during playtime, it may usually be because he or she is in pain.


  • Limping

The moment you spot your dog limping, that is a very clear sign that he or she is in pain. You will see this more in older and bigger dogs, as they are more prone to arthritis.

Most people dismiss arthritis pain as a normal symptom of old age, but  there are plenty of ways to help dogs with arthritis and the signs should not just be easily ignored or brushed away. If your dog refuses to go up and down the stairs or does not seem to be in the mood for any physical activity, this may be an indication that your dog is suffering from arthritis.


  • Drooling

One of the best ways to know if your dog’s tummy is hurting is if it salivates excessively. That’s because excessive salivation is a good indication of nausea.


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