Are you a Crazy Cat Lady?


There is something about your cat that calls out to you.

Is it their personality or their affectionate nature?

Perhaps it’s the adorable things your cat does.

But most importantly, it’s the invisible bond between you and your cat.

If you’re a crazy cat lady, the love between you and your cat is very strong.

And it’s something you’re proud of.   Because cats are very independent creatures. If a cat chooses to love you, that love is intense and forever.

This beautiful piece is an adorable cat head.  It identifies you as a Crazy Cat Lady.

It’s a badge of honor.

We call this piece “I’m A Cat Lover”

It is Sterling Silver and made in the USA. It comes with an 18″ sterling silver chain in an attractive gift box.

Regular price is $88.00.

Limited time sale price now only $29 with sterling silver chain and gift box.

Order today because supplies are limited.

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